While collecting paperwork from the Electrics’ trailer last week, I noticed a paper chase* from another show pinned to their bulletin board…

paper chase

Loving colour and lists, the paper chase is my fave. The no-nonsense colours at the top followed by the more evocative… Goldenrod. Cherry. Lavender. Although if you’re into Lavender pages while you’re shooting, chances are you’re evoking something other than the sweet-smelling flower.

I once worked on a film where the script was a veritable rainbow of revisions (we wrapped with triple blue pages in the script). It was a messy shoot and last I heard they were doing re-shoots.

On the other, (better written) hand, I know someone who worked on Moonstruck and he told me they wrapped on white pages. White pages. They didn’t change one word of the script once they started shooting.

Moonstruck. A very fine film, indeed.

*A paper chase shows the colour-order of revisions (script, schedule, crew lists, etc.). For example, the script would start out printed on white pages, and then the first set of revisions would be printed on blue, either a few pages or the whole thing, depending on how much was changed, then pink, etc. When there are so many revisions that every colour has been used, it starts again at the top with ‘double’ whites, ‘double’ blues, etc.

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