It’s weird. I even get ’em on shows I can’t wait to finish.

In a pre-emptive move designed to hasten the transition back to my creative life, I’ve given myself a new project…



In cities across the world they have these time-based film challenges. Here in Toronto, we have a 24-hour challenge and a 48-hour challenge, where the challengees have to write, shoot, and edit a film in the time allowed. I’ve never participated myself, but it always seemed like great fun. In the spirit of those games, I decided to give myself a day to make a film!*

*This decision was made yesterday and, after a day of shooting, has morphed into- a day to shoot a film, and then a day to edit it. (or maybe more, we’ll see, and at least a day for audio, c’mon…)

At any rate, I was outside today and it was a gorgeous day! Very inspiring. I shot a ton of stuff on a little stills camera that also takes video and the seed for a super-short short started growing.

A great first day of film!

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