On November 18th I set out with a small stills camera (that also captures motion), intending to make a film out of whatever I shot that day. While shooting, an idea came for a voice-over and I asked my 81-year-old neighbour, Dorothea Cook, if she would participate. She gamely agreed and we recorded her voice-over with my phone. The talented James Burke composed the music, and without further ado- I give you the results of that day* of film…

So Yellow


8 thoughts on “A DAY OF FILM DONE & IT’S SO YELLOW!

  1. i love it–it’s a great minute and a half of complex language, moving images and music that really hangs together very well. strong, evocative, playful and poetic, lilting yet pithy.
    as you know, i am a big fan of yellow and all its shades and connotations.
    i suggest you launch a series of such films–congrats.

  2. Chris! Yahoo!!!
    Both Dan and I say felicitations.
    What a beautiful and intriguing piece. Upon first viewing I am happily sated on poetic prose and lovely images. I will have to watch it again…

    and again.
    go chris go!

  3. Chris,
    Inspiring combinations of shots and tones. Even your nana’s voice is yellow for me. Thought the soundtrack was perfect with bursts of light. Lovely way to spend a couple of free minutes. Loved the shots of the drain. Beautiful.

  4. brilliant choice for narrator. what a sweet glimpse into a typical chris ross day! really enjoyed that m’dear

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