Being new to the world of blogging, I figured I should probably start reading other peoples’, so this morning… instead of getting right to work I did a little surfing, eventually washing up on the gorgeous shore of  The Criterion Contraption. Which leads me to blog about it here because it kind of blew me away.

This guy Matthew Dessem, who lives in LA, is working his way through the movies in the Criterion collection (in order of release) and writing about them. He’s also making gorgeous screen captures from each film that he posts in his incredibly well-researched (and well written!) essays.

So far I’ve read his essay on Rushmore (one of my all-time favorite films), and Written on the Wind, a Douglas Sirk film, and his most recent post. Dessem had me at this line, (describing one of the film’s characters) ‘Kyle Hadley’s defining characteristic is that he drinks too much. Well, there are drinkers and there are drunks. And then there are the sorts of people who cradle a bottle of corn liquor like a teddy bear:’ and of course below that is a wonderful still from the film showing just that.

Can’t wait to read more…

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