I am freshly back from seeing Grown Up Movie Star, a film written and directed by Adriana Maggs, and I have to say, it was just terrific. Great writing and great acting.

Tatiana Maslany and Shawn Doyle in Grown Up Movie Star

It had been recommended to me by a couple of sources and I confess I approached it with trepidation. It is sadly rare that a Canadian film doesn’t inspire a couple of qualifiers (kind of slow in parts, but it’s actually pretty good!, or whatever damnation by faint praise you can think of). I can count on one hand the (English) Canadian films I’ve been pleasantly surprised by at the theatre. ‘Young People Fucking’ was one and ‘Suck’ was another (although I’m biased on that count- I worked on that film*), I quite enjoyed ‘Waydowntown’- it’s definitely stuck with me, and Don McKellar’s ‘Last Night’ has some really transcendent moments, and then of course there’s David Cronenberg… okay, maybe one hand is pushing it…

Anyway, Grown Up Movie Star isn’t pretty good- It’s great. Check it out- it’s in theatres now.**

* I hope they work out a theatrical release soon so everyone can see it

** If you live in Toronto, anyway- not sure about other places.


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