In the fall of 2008, I worked on SUCK, a Canadian film written/ directed/ starring Rob Stefaniuk, and featuring many Rock ‘n Roll superstars, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper among them.

SUCK is one of the few films I’ve worked on where complaints from the crew were at a minimum and goodwill for the project (and for Rob) was at a maximum. An inspiring film to be a part of in many ways.*

I had the good fortune to see SUCK at a cast and crew screening last September and was very impressed. It was fun, and funny, and I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s the trailer for ya-

I will post release dates as I hear of them, or follow what the SUCK team is up to on their facebook page.

* For the record, I worked as the On-Set PA in the AD department, and not in the Locations department as I’m listed in the credits.

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