I recently found myself thinking back to a conversation I had with an actor I worked with last year.*

His character was number four or five on the call sheet** and he told me that can be a very difficult place for an actor to be. You’re a principal, you’re in a lot of scenes; in fact you’re probably in the whole movie, but you’re often not given enough attention by the screenwriter and unfortunately have a less-than-well-rounded character to play. He recommended every screenwriter, upon completing his or her script, give it another pass for the minor characters and make sure they’re as well taken care of as the leads.

Two days left…

* as an AD, on someone else’s feature film.

** number one would be the lead, number two would be the next “important” or have the second most amount of scenes, etc., and the call sheet is, of course, the production document that details the next day’s shooting schedule.

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