I was futzing around with my website today (that’s fooling around for those of you not hip to my advanced tech talk), and I posted a mock up of a little postcard I’m designing for the release of PINK. This page will be the new “home” page of the website for awhile- at least until the film is posted and then for some time after, I reckon.

In the interest of further colour correction procrastination, I thought I would also post a new great movie poster for a film opening today- The American, starring George Clooney.

The poster was designed by MOJO, a company also responsible for the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World posters. (A point I bring up only because I saw the film last night and loved it!)

The poster for The American reminded me of another great poster, for a film also starring George Clooney, which is hands down my favorite film I’ve seen him in, (and an all around favorite)- Out of Sight, directed by Steven Soderbergh. This poster was designed by BLT & Associates.

This film is fantastic- Jennifer Lopez is terrific. Steve Zahn is in it. So is Don Cheadle (playing a real baddie, too). Albert Brooks. Need I say more? Rent Out of Sight tonight! (Or go see Scott Pilgrim Vs The World at the theatre).


  1. I”ve also been loving the new ‘The American’ poster. Great minds think alike apparently, though fools seldom …. how does that go again?

    Looking forward to Pink in all it’s colour-corrected glory. Best of luck!

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