Hello neglected blog. It’s been 3 weeks since my last post and I fear my mind has been occupied by many things, hardly any of them film or art-related.*

That’s about to change, though. I’m writing this post from my new, not-really-set-up-yet-office and thought I would mention a couple things happening this week.

Tonight, for example, myself and fellow filmmaker Jon Wayne Brown (whose short film A Well-Lit Life premieres TODAY on NSI’s Online Short Film Festival) are attending a lecture by John Hamburg, he of ‘Meet the Fockers’ fame. It’s part of the CFC’s comedy lab. Should be interesting and hopefully inspiring.

Later this week, I’m attending the premiere film of Breast Fest (a film fest dedicated to films with some relation to breast cancer). I went last year and was very impressed by the organizers of the event and the films I saw. I would highly encourage others to check it out.

In between, I’m doing dailies on Rookie Blue– a cop show that’s proving to be a great learning experience.

So, there you go – hoping to add some writing into the mix next weekend and voilĂ - I’m more or less back on track.

So… more soon, and more often as I aim to get back into my once-a-week blogging. But first, I have to finish unpacking…

* I just moved and my mind has been filled with things like packing and finding rubber mats for boots and painting (rooms)

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