I’m off today after many busy, fun-filled days on set. Off to re-connect with the reason I work on set in the first place! (and also to organize my house a little)

As it happens, the recent move has inspired me and given me an idea for a new feature script that I’m dying to start writing! So… to get my head out of AD-land and back into screenwriting/filmmaking-land, I procrastinated, I mean, googled, screenwriting tips this morning and found this gem-

“Yes, I can tell you were drinking when you wrote that sequence. Hey, it’s evocative and fast-paced. If only it made any sense…”

I love drinking humor, what can I say? Loads more good tips to be found at Screenwriting Tips… You Hack

Right. I’m off to procrastinate, I mean, organize my office and then get down to some serious writing… wish me luck!

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