I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop last night. A documentary by world famous street artist Banksy.

work by Banksy featured in Exit Through the Gift Shop

Great flick, hugely entertaining. Like most films, best seen without knowing too much about it. I will say it was a wonderful introduction to Banksy and his work, though.

Watching Exit Through the Gift Shop reminded me of my all-time favorite film about artists and their work, ironically another documentary about “street/graffitti” artists – Beautiful Losers

A fantastic film. Would make a great double bill with Exit Through the Gift Shop. One film shows what I feel is the meaning and heart of street art, and the other shows the superficial surface and potential for souless-ness, while each of them comment on both sides of the issue.

A roster of incredibly strong and talented artists shows up in each film (with Shepard Fairey appearing in both). Margaret Kilgallen in Beautiful Losers was a particular revelation, but do yourself a favour if you don’t know her or her work, and watch the doc before you look her up.

3 thoughts on “BEST ART DOCS EVER

  1. We really liked this film too. So what do you think? Is Mr. Brainwash a real person or a fictional character created by Banksy as a kind of intervention into the art world?

  2. Wow. Hi Matt. This possibility kind of blows my mind. If Banksy’s behind the whole thing, then the man is really an evil genius of an artist.

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