I recently went to see the Tim Burton show at the Bell Lightbox here in Toronto.

It was very inspiring and I highly encourage anyone with any kind of interest in art or film to check it out. The man is a font of creativity.

My friend Sheri and I spent much of our time at the show going “Oh, right! He directed that!” Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, for example. I had totally forgotten that was his film.

A drawing by Tim Burton (after Romeo & Juliet, I think) on display as part of the Tim Burton show at the Bell Lightbox

One of my favorite works from the show was a drawing in the “early years” section. It looked like a classic blind contour drawing* from a figure drawing class (or “life drawing” as we called it in art college), with a bit of a twist… in the bottom right hand corner, there was a tiny monster, also drawn as a “blind contour”. Awesome.

There was so much great stuff to take in, I’m definitely going again.

The show’s on until April 17th.

* a blind contour drawing is when you draw something (let’s say a cat), without looking down at your paper. You generally don’t lift your pen off the paper until you’re done, instead using it to follow the contours of the cat, creating something that looks like this:

blind contour drawing of Neko the cat




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