Pink screens in Fuller Avenue Parkette

Last night Pink screened in the “Screening Under The Stars” program of the Parkdale Film & Video Showcase.

This was the first time I, or any of my collaborators, had seen this little short with an audience and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of laughter we got for our efforts. I have to say there is little else that is as gratifying as making people laugh (making them cry? maybe I’ll find out one day…).

Anyway, there is a wealth of talent here in Parkdale. This particular fest leans toward the arty, so last night there was a lot of stuff I probably wouldn’t give thirty seconds to, if it passed before me on my tv screen. I’m one of those people who definitely has to see slower paced stuff on the big screen, where I’m sort of, uh, captive and less distracted. Last night, the final film in the program was an abstraction of Norman McLaren’s 1968 film Pas de Deux, which, frankly, I thought would be boring as hell (one look at the description and running time – 12 minutes!), but instead I found it wonderfully inspiring and came away with some ideas for new paintings, of all things! The film is called Plus de Deux, and it’s by an artist named David Frankovich.

Lovely night, all around.



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