TIFF recently published the list of films coming this way in September and Sarah Polley’s Take this Waltz is one of the Gala Presentations.

I’m quite excited to see this film. It has a great director, great cast, rumored great script (it made The Black List a couple years ago) and a very appealing colour scheme.

Still from Sarah Polley's Take this Waltz with Michelle Williams and Luke Kirby

Part of this image is featured in the poster for the film and I love the poppy, primary colours and gorgeous summertime lighting. (Other images from the film on the TIFF website show more of the same.)

I also love the way this particular photo captures a sort of old-fashioned Norman Rockwell kind of feeling (the diner setting, the old milkshake machines), but subverts it at the same time with their suggestive expressions and martinis.

Nice work SP & DP Luc Montpellier!*

Looking forward to September…

* and, of course, the rest of the cast & crew. (some of whom I know personally and am happy to report that they all spoke very highly of SP and had a lovely experience working on this lovely looking film.)



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