As summer winds down I feel the need for a little… I don’t even know what to call it… Re-cap? Refresher on what’s been happening?

A whole lot of not much, to be honest. Oh, sure there’s been good progress made on the writing front (difficult to write about and most likely boring to read about), I’ve had films in a couple of festivals (thank you Parkdale Film & Video Showcase and Wakefest!), but aside from that, I’ve been JC* and it’s been a terrific summer for filling up the much-depleted artistic gas tank.

So, instead of a re-cap, I offer you a few things that I really enjoyed this summer, that (if you are not already familiar with), I would recommend checking out this fall.

1. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Terrific book. One of the best I’ve read in years. (A Nicola recommend, so there you go.) Also, The Outlander by Gil Adamson (A Fiona Walker recommend. And gift- thanks Fee!), and lastly, a bit of delicious non-fiction- The Chairs Are Where The People Go by Misha Glouberman with Sheila Heti. (This one is particularly fun if, like me, you live in the west end of Toronto.)

2. Spending time in nature. I especially recommend going to some place where you can’t get cell phone reception. This was a magical thing for me and led directly to enjoying #1.

3. The work of Miranda July and Mike Mills. Ok, so what if they’re married- do they deserve to be lumped together? Probably not, but I can’t stop thinking about them as a package now. A narrating cat, a subtitled dog. Their films have too many sweet similarities not to compare and contrast. And enjoy, in their own special way.

4. The hipstamatic app for iphone. A friend tried to turn me on to this last year, but what can I say? I was blind. I was stubborn. Probably, I was just lazy. But now… This little app has single-handedly rekindled my love of taking pictures (and image-making in general) and has led me to begin a new series of paintings. It’s awesome.

5. Michael Bolton. Seriously. Enjoy.

* JC = Just Chillin’ in the instant messaging lingo of my 10 year old niece

3 thoughts on “END OF SUMMER TOP 5

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