Freshly released from it’s contract with short film distributor Ouat! Media, I present to you my very first attempt at filmmaking- Deliver Me.

Made in 2006, at a point when I had taken exactly one filmmaking class* and never been on a real film set in my life, this short is strangely still my favorite filmmaking effort so far. What can I say? It’s really raw, but it makes me laugh, and, weirdly, every theme in this film (obsession, denial, addiction issues, health issues, etc.) has surfaced again and again in all my work since.


*the excellent LIFT workshop – Super 8 Guerilla Filmmaking for Absolute Beginners

One thought on “DELIVER ME

  1. after seeing deliver me for the first time in quite awhile (which i enjoyed a lot!) i’ve been seeing a whole host of tim pritchard dopplegangers everywhere! hilarious.

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