(It’s my new thing for the new year – blogging in list form.)

1. aesthetics of joy – a great blog, with the subtitle design + delight. My favorite recent entry – the Rothko-inspired cookies.

2. The wonderful documentary on Woody Allen by Robert Weide that aired on PBS. A very intimate look at his process and a terrifically entertaining film overall – a must if you’re a Woody Allen fan like me.

3. Great books! I’ve been reading a lot lately and have been simply blown away by The Corrections and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, as well as The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt (which has one of the best book covers I’ve ever seen.)

4. The work of Dan Stiles – especially his gorgeous artwork for The Sisters Brothers.

And finally…

5. Tebowie – not just hilarious, it also sparked a revival of David Bowie classics in my house. Google it. Right now.

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