Long time no blog and no update, I know. My approach this year has been to do more and talk about the process less, which is unfortunately the opposite of blogging. Rest assured, though- things are moving along very well here at CFAAF headquarters and the minute I have concrete news to share, share I will…

In the meantime, I saw a film recently that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already- Another Earth. Directed by Mike Cahill, and co-written (with Cahill) and starring Brit Marling, this is a real gem of a film.

Brit Marling in Another Earth

To quote Filmmaker magazine- Another Earth is a lo-fi, sci-fi fable about forgiveness, self-knowledge and our perpetual quest for a new beginning.

After you marvel at the all-around loveliness of this movie, I recommend reading the interview in the magazine with Cahill and Marling – two cool, smart folks whose DIY approach is terrifically inspiring. (It’s especially interesting to hear how they did the ending.)

And yes, once again going against the social media grain, I like to read about interesting films in Filmmaker magazine, watch them at least eight months later, re-read the article in Filmmaker and then blog about the film online. It’s good fun! I noticed the Film Buff recently acquired Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture (featured in Filmmaker’s 2010 issue), which I’m hoping to catch this weekend… stay tuned!

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