Toronto filmmaker extraordinaire and champion of the low-budget DIY approach, Ingrid Veninger is screening all three of her feature films at The Royal (starting June 14th with ‘I am a good person/I am a bad person’) and putting the profits into a $1000 feature film challenge. She’s hoping to fund 5 films (which she will executive produce) and everyone who submits a proposal is invited to participate in a master class with herself and some cool colleagues. Applications are due June 21st.

I love, love, love Veninger’s hustle and flow. She’s community-minded and all-around encouraging, and while I personally am not up for the challenge at this particular point, I wish all those who are good luck!  (While mulling the idea over, I did get an idea for a new script, though. Not a $1000-pitch-it-in-a-month kind of idea, but something I’m really looking forward to exploring. So, thanks for the inspiration, Ingrid!)

For more info and guidelines on the $1000 feature film challenge, go to- pUNK FILMS.

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