Starting tomorrow, and running till June 10, is the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. I’ve been to this fest many times and always come away feeling inspired, informed, and impressed. Great short films and terrific symposiums- it is definitely worth checking out if you’re in Toronto this week and interested in film. Great nuts-and-bolts-kind of lectures for filmmakers on organizations like bravoFACT! ACTRA, and Telefilm as well as a master class with director Jean-Marc VallĂ©e this year on Saturday the 9th.

Years ago, I attended the fest and saw Richie Mehta and his producer David Miller talk about the process of making Mehta’s short film Amal into a feature. They gave an example of the pitch they used when describing the project and I was blown away by what a great communicator Mehta was. (Miller, too – they had definitely developed and honed their schtick together- it seemed a totally effortless presentation.) They have both gone on to make other films, and I recently caught an interview with Mehta done by Astral’s Harold Greenberg Fund.

Once again, I was very impressed by Mehta’s articulate passion for films and the filmmaking process. I was particularly inspired by his comments about the director caring only for what’s in the frame. As someone who works in the industry and witnesses first-hand the off-screen drama (much of it entertaining, and all of it distracting), I thought this was a seemingly obvious, but particularly smart thing to articulate. The interview is well worth a watch-



  1. Thanks for posting this Chris! Between shoots this week I’m definitely going to try and catch some shorts this week. Having been a part of a great short last year, Patrick Hagerty’s “Dave vs. Death”, I’m pumped to be making my own shorts and short series in the upcoming year.

    Mehta’s interview is clear and informative. Especially liked the way he talked about collaborators finding the sore spot in a script.

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